About rope flow

Good Flow in a black tracksuit is practicing rope flow using his Court set. He is rope flowing in one of Milan's newest neighborhoods.


Take your rope and, with the simplicity of familiar smooth gestures, you can start leaving the noise outside and focus on your deeper inner self. Enter the flow state, connecting together your brains hemispheres for a new generation of mindfulness and meditation. Sessions are meaningful, rewarding and relaxing. With Good Flow Milano's products and lessons you can develop your body-mind connection to achieve total integration.



With the right tools, rope flow can positively help you train your body and recover from injuries. Good Flow Milano has products for strength training with specially-design heavy-weight ropes, as well as ropes more suitable for rehab and those who want to take it easy. With Good Flow Milano lessons you can incorporate balance and joints mobility into your training and achieve full-body integration.



Free your creativity following the rope as if it is your teacher. Balance your flow, feeling the rope, and dance with it, while connecting to your soul with music and positive vibes. Take time for yourself and have a good flow!