About me

Phil wearing a black tracksuit with his Court rope.

My name is Phil and I am a Ropeflow enthusiast!

My background is rooted in Hip Hop culture and I have worked as a professional bboy, choreographer and artist for more than 20 years.
I was already aware about the concept of flow applied to dance, music and art, but ropeflow's power and simplicity struck a chord in me.

The addiction is real!

Ropeflow is a relatively new discipline created by the genius of David Weck which applies the classic concept of rope for training and warm-up to a much wider array of uses. By learning simple concepts of movement, you can quickly become proficient and learn more and more complex figures, but first of all it's the quickest way to enter the flow-state.
After years spinning and hurting my body on the floor, I had my first rope flow sessions in April 2021 and I immediately felt the power and benefits of this practice.

Ropeflow can benefit your body, as a new, dynamic training discipline suitable to indoor and outdoor spaces alike. You don't need expensive gear, or a costly membership. You can practice it wherever you are, can be used as a full body warm up, cardio, meditation, mobility training and can help you during the recovery process if you have been injured.
This rotational movement training known as RMT is an incredible benefit for every sport.

With so many upsides and advantages, it is only too natural to love Ropeflow!

I would like to bring you with me in the journey to discover this amazing craft and bring your life to a new level.


Good Flow Milano's logo is designed by one of my favorite artist from Milan, Ottogoodz.
It represents so many different and deep aspects of rope flow such as the compass, the infinite, the balance, the continuous feedback, the atom, or flower form of the rope rolling forward and backward.
Cardinal laws in the Ropeflow practice are the compass to navigate through space and are the fundamental keys of this practice.

When you train, you learn that the rope moves in specific directions, and you need to orientate the body North, South, East, West.
Our logo is inspired from a compass, with each direction coming back to the centre, your inner self. As you train, you become skilled at translating the direction of the rope into the direction of your own soul. For me this is a beautiful way of expressing how I feel about ropeflow!


I manufacture my products and provides my services in Milan, a world-renowned city for style, fashion, art, culture, dynamism and passionate for what is yet to come.

I think Milan is the perfect place to bring Ropeflow to a new path.

If you are in Milan, feel free to reach out to me and join my community for individual or group lessons and practice.


My goal is to bring the benefits of Ropeflow to as many other fellow people as possible. Ropeflow shall not remain in the hands of the few!

That's why I have designed a beautiful set of high-quality ropes and accessories for you to thoroughly enjoy your practice with style.

I also deliver lessons online and in-person to help you make the first steps or reach your next level, as well as introducing stylish figures into your Ropeflow sessions.

If you want to train with me, get in touch through my website or direct-message me on Instagram: I will be delighted to dive into Ropeflow together with you! I recommend to start with a 4 private lesson pack that can be pre-paid on this webstore.


I am WeckMethod-certified because it is where Ropeflow really started. I am building onto such a good foundation with the aim of enriching this amazing discipline with beautiful training tools and detailed lessons on every aspect, to fast-track you into a satisfying status of flow and balance.