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Good Flow, wearing a light purple T-shirt, makes a urban friendly gesture, while crouching in a stylish setting, with his flow rope held on his shoulders


We believe that instructors should focus on the uniqueness of each person and adjust the training session accordingly. Everyone has different needs and goals, and rope flow allows such a wide diversity that a tailor-made approach is the best  effective approach.

We want you to enjoy rope flow to the maximum. This is why our lessons are always engaging, carefully taught, and beautiful to participate in.
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Our lessons (both individual and group lessons) are delivered online through Zoom.

If you are in Milan, we will be happy to meet in person and have our 1-to-1 lesson face-to-face. If weather is suitable, we recommend outdoor training, to take advantage of the many benefits of practising in open air settings.  Our preferred location is the Trees' Library park in Milan's Porta Nuova area, near the two world-famous buildings known as Bosco Verticale.

We are also open to give workshops and classes in your spot or gym, if you wanna bring rope flow to your clients. 
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We offer packs of 4 individual private lessons with a duration of 50' each.

You can pre-pay for your lesson pack on our website. Once the lesson pack has been pre-paid, our instructor will get in touch with you to define the lesson schedule. Lessons will take place via Zoom.

For any query regarding our lessons, you can get in touch through our contact form.



Introducing Flowcabulary: Anchored Sneak Uh Introducing Flowcabulary: Mic release under leg Introducing Flowcabulary: Thumbflip

Check out the Flowcabulary on our Instagram channel, a library of rope flow movements shown in short reels that you can take inspiration from to enrich your daily routines with new moves and gestures. The Flowcabulary is also available on our Youtube channel in 5 videos of 20 moves each.