Good Flow Milano:
Home of Flowcabulary!

Two boys practising rope flow in a japanese cartoon


Good Flow Milano is the home of the Flowcabulary!

What is the Flowcabulary?
Introduced in 2022, the Flowcabulary is a dictionary of 100 rope flow moves.

Rope flow is still developing and every rope flower introduces new moves or variations of existing moves, sometimes using different names for the same moves. With the help of the Flowcabulary, the rope flow community around the world can have a reference guideline for the moves and their names so that it is easy for new practitioners to learn the foundations using a common "language" and build upon it.

The Flowcabulary by Good Flow Milano is available on our YouTube channel in five videos of 20 moves each.
The Flowcabulary is also available as individual reels in our Instagram channel.

Want to see the Flowcabulary moves? Click the tiles below to see the video on our YouTube channel!