My daily practice

My daily practice

Would you like to start a daily rope flow routine?

Well done for your commitment, rope flow will certainly benefit you. Take inspiration from some insider tips that you can incorporate in your rope flow daily routine.

Rope flow can be done at any time of the day. However I prefer to do it in the early morning after I wake up. It helps me to wake up my body and reconnects mind, body and soul, so that I am ready to start the day with full clarity.

I listen to music when I do my rope flow session. It gives me rhythm and brings me quickly into the state of flow. I have a few playlists that would suit different moods, so that I can use them when I have less time. From time to time I also prepare a new playlist just before starting my session.

I mentally set my virtual North direction, so that I can practice with space references around me. The special directional mat with the Good Flow logo is great to maintain direction if you are deep in the flow, or if you have just started this discipline.